Projection Mapping - Artistic Video Content & Visual Illusion

Welcome to the fascinating world of projection mapping - a cutting-edge technology that brings art and visuals to life. Learn how projection mapping works, its benefits for businesses, and explore examples of awe-inspiring projection mapping projects.

Transforming Reality with Projection Mapping using Artistic Video Mapping Content

In the realm of cutting-edge multimedia technologies, videomapping stands out as a truly immersive experience. It is an awe-inspiring technique that changes everyday objects and surfaces into dynamic displays. This innovative projection technique, also known as 3d mapping, has captured the attention of artists, advertisers, and businesses alike. It offers unparalleled opportunities for creative expression and audiovisual experiences.

Explore the world of video projection, understand how it works and discover its benefits for businesses. Witness some three-dimensional examples of this artistic marvel. Learn how it can create the illusion that is so difficult to recreate when not on location. Because You need a “location”! Best projection mapping is well done when a two dimensional video is mapped onto any surface - not just a building wall. That’s how You create optical illusions and perspective distortions. We tried it all :)

What is Projection Mapping Art?

Video mapping projection, is a sophisticated visual effects process. It involves projecting digital creations onto physical surfaces. It turns common objects into dynamic display surfaces. Artists and creative technologists can bring everyday objects to life. They use video mapping software and video projectors with a high lumen power.  They add extra dimensions to flat surfaces such as buildings and blur the lines between the imaginary and the possible.

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How Does 3D Video Mapping Work?

Everyday video projectors and a 360-degree laser scanners are used to create the 3D representation of the real world. You then align the projected images with static objects to create the illusion. Thanks to that, those objects change their shape, perspective and purpose. The process involves creating a 3D model of the target object or building. It mimics the real environment and serves as a canvas for the digital video. The software warps and adjusts the projected images according to the object’s contours. Now, the image integrates with the real-world environment.

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How Can Projection Mapping Show on a Building Benefit Businesses?

Projection mapping service offers a ton of benefits for businesses.  Artists and advertisers use it both as a marketing tool and a smart means of engaging with audiences. By showing 2d and 3d video during promotional events, product launches, and brand activations, businesses can create a lasting impact on their target customers. The experience You go through when You see an environment You very well know which is brought to life by mapping and 3d projection leaves a strong impression.  So strong that large crowds can gather in front of the show and block the traffic in the center of the city - yes we did that :)


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Examples of Projection Mapping: Awe-Inspiring Visual Experiences

  • Illuminating Landmarks: the Eiffel Tower, the Sydney Opera House, the Empire State Building. All  are perfect examples of iconic locations. Project motion graphics and animations onto these architectural wonders. You will make cities come to life. By the way - our studio made the Biggest Projection Mapping in The World! It was a simultaneous projection on 40 skyscrapers in Shenzhen, China in 2019  - check it out in this link.
  • 2D mapping installations have become a prominent medium for artists. It helps them to convey powerful messages and emotions. This modern way of artistic expression creates a new language. It allows the visitors to express themselves in a new, interactive manner. It far exceeds the possibilities of classical drawing tools.
  • The 2022 Rugby World Cup: Sporting events have also embraced the new method of expression to boost the spectator experience. During the 2022 Rugby World Cup, breathtaking projections on the stadium’s field were used to change the arena into an electrifying multimedia spectacle, elevating the excitement of the game.

Where is Projection Mapping Used?

  • Live Events and Concerts: Projection mapping uses everyday video to display the image onto the surface of the stage backdrop. It will complement the music show for sure.
  • Advertising and Marketing Campaigns: Brands use it to craft innovative and memorable campaigns. This will definitely resonate with their target audience.
  • Museums and Galleries: use historical objects of any 3D shape to turn into a mapping display. 

Projection Mapping: Who Can Do It?

You need technical expertise and some computer skill to create a memorable experience - but anyone can do it.  Artists designers and event producers are among those who can master the art of 2d or 3d mapping. With the right skills and tools, You can turn any 3d shape into interactive displays.

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How Do You Do 3D Projection Mapping? What is the Workflow?

  • Concept: Define the goal of the projection mapping first. Then create a detailed concept that aligns with the intended message. 
  • Content Creation: Develop the motion graphics, animations, simulations and footage clips. You will use them to turn objects into display surfaces.
  • Calibration and Mapping: Use the software to map the content onto the target surface. Considering its shape and contours.
  • Testing: Conduct thorough tests to ensure the projection aligns with the physical object.  Make necessary adjustments.
  • Execution: Install the projector in the chosen environment. You can actually try that at home on a smaller scale. Then, go to your planned venue a few days before the event to test. Project onto the two- or three-dimensional object on location of Your choice.

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What Projection Mapping Software is used? How to shape the digital art content?

Projection mapping technology is a combination of hardware and software. For seamless creation and execution of projection mapping projects You will need:  

  • Projectors: Essential for projecting vivid and detailed images onto various surfaces
  • Mapping Software: To align the digital content with the physical object. The result is flawless optical illusion.
  • 3D Modeling: Create accurate models of the target object for realistic effect.
  • Media Servers:  handle the playback and synchronisation of many video elements in complex setups.
  • Interactive Tools: add an extra dimension allowing audiences to take part and engage with the creation.

Q: Can I use projection mapping for permanent installations?

Yes, You can use it on an ongoing basis in museums, galleries, and public spaces.  

Q: How does it compare to virtual reality (VR)?

Projection mapping blends the virtual with the physical world. VR creates a wholly digital environment.  

Q: Is it limited to specific types of surfaces?

You can project on any surface: sculptures, stages, and even natural landscapes.  

Q: What software can I use? 

Resolume Arena, TouchDesigner or Adobe After Effects.  

Q: Can I use projection mapping for educational purposes?

Sure! You can simplify complex concepts into digestible visual stories. Make learning more fun and memorable.  

Q: What skills do I need to become a projection mapping artist?

You need a good skill in mesh modeling, motion graphics, character animation and creative storytelling. Also some technical expertise in video distribution systems would be useful.

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Projection Mapping - the speciality of

  • is the author of The Biggest Projection Mapping in the World. It was shown SIMULTANEOUSLY ON 40 SKYSCRAPERS in China. We are the First Prize Winners of the Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism and Architecture Shenzhen/Hong Kong in 2019. We know what it means to do something no one has ever done before.  

  • We are one of finalists of the Worldwide Chongqing 3D projection mapping competition in 2023.

  • Since the founding of our company in 2010, our work had nationwide coverage in mainstream TV channels of Poland.  


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Get inspired with these insane Projection Mapping examples.

Outdoor artistic performances transport audiences to a realm of wonder. From theatrical plays in open-air amphitheaters to mesmerising dance performances under the stars. These events blend nature’s beauty with human creativity to create magical experiences.

Multimedia light shows epitomise the fusion of art and technology. They captivate audiences with synchronised light, sound, and visual effects. These awe-inspiring shows are often shown on iconic landmarks. They become living canvases that come alive with storytelling and breathtaking visuals.

3D Projection Mapping by

Video projection mapping for architecture, theater, events, museums and retail.

The immersive nature of multimedia light shows leaves a lasting impression on audiences. Through the seamless integration of cutting-edge technology, these shows evoke powerful emotions. They leave spectators in awe and wonder long after the performance ends.

The Great Attraction: Why Audiences Flock to Outdoor Artistic Performances

The allure of those performances lies in their ability to appeal to diverse audiences. Whether it’s a Shakespearean play, a contemporary dance performance, or a live concert. The open-air setting adds a sense of freedom and excitement, enhancing the experience.

Huge Projection Mapping Projects

Multimedia light shows have the power to transform ordinary landmarks into extraordinary spectacles. From historical monuments to modern architectural marvels. These light shows breathe new life into spaces, infusing them with a sense of grandeur and wonder.

The artistry behind lighting design is the backbone of captivating outdoor performances. Lighting designers use colors, angles, and shadows to set the mood and convey emotions. They enhance the storytelling and add depth and dimension to the performances.


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For any production we make, we stack these components together to deliver unparalleled value with a smile:

Online video meeting
to discuss Your needs, vision, limitations, time constraints, review Your briefing, find matching video references and give advice.
Production of 2D and 3D Environment:
Environment Blocking and Design, Foliage, Scenery, Light, Props and Scenery Creation
Character Design and Rigging
Character Concept Art, 3D Modelling, Cloth Design, Texturing, Surfacing
Action Planning
Blocking of animation timing and audio cue points, planning of camera shots and staging
Script / Storyboard / Moodboard / Concept Development and Fixing Action Plot
3D and 2D Animation
Keyframe animation, action and dynamics plotting - following Walt Disney's 12 Principles of Animation
Character Animation
Character keyframe animation, body mechanics, face animation, motion capture recording with actors in a proffessional mocap studio
Music and SFX composition
Sound design, original music composition, licensing, studio recording with talent performers and voiceover actors
3D Lighting and texturing
Lighting of 3D Scene, Global Illumination, texturing, surfacing, color and mood development
Physics / Simulation
Realistic depictions of natural phenomena: Complex simulations like fluid dynamics, cloth, smoke, fire, ocean waves, explosions, hair dynamicc, etc..
Raytraced Rendering
Highly photorealistic rendering using fire-breathing computer clusters, post-processing, color grading, compositing, render passes
Virtual Studio
Production of native Unreal Engine 5 environments and assets, with full compatibility check, nDisplay setups, camera tracking ready.
Any resolution up to 16K per single file, High Quality ProRes 4:4:4:4 RGBA 12bit Codec Delivery, video format conversion (hundreds of codecs) including WEB formats
Compliance checks with European and American video broadcast standards, easy and secure content delivery via HIGH SPEED industry standard servers
Easy Feedback
Easy online feedback systems with frame-accurate commenting and drawing annotations for actionable reviews dramatically reducing review cycles.
Kanban Management
Web-based, super easy to use project supervision for clients, for transparent workflow control, agile time tracking and rapid chat communication.
Projection Mapping
Warping and projection mapping for multiple LED screen venue setups and large outdoor multi projector systems
Unreal Engine 5
Native 3D assets for Unreal Engine 5 with full compatibility check