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3D Projection Mapping Service by MediaCraft.video - Award Winning Videomapping Masters!

What is projection mapping on a building?

Ever walked by a building and saw it come alive with interactive video projections? Did You see turning the structure into a canvas of vibrant visual effects? That marvel is known as 3D projection mapping. Projection mapping transforms static objects like buildings into breathtaking visual experiences. The primary magic? Turning common objects of any 3D shape into captivating interactive displays.

How can projection mapping benefit my business?

We live in the era of immersive marketing. Offering a transformative visual experience is the key to everything. Projection mapping displays not only captivate audiences but also enhance brand recall

In today’s competitive business environment, standing out is not a luxury – it’s a necessity. A lot of enterprises are seeking a novel and impactful way to leave an indelible mark. 3D mapping solutions emerge as an ace up the sleeve.

But how can projection mapping benefit your business? And how in particular, can it elevate your brand’s status?

  1. Creating Memorable Experiences for Customers: We live in an age where experiences often matter more than products. Projection mapping crafts unforgettable visual spectacles. Use it during a product launch or a store opening. Projection mapping can ensure that attendees leave with a vivid memory of the event. They will associate your brand with innovation and creativity.

  2. Elevation of Brand Status: Projection mapping is associated with cutting-edge technology and artistry. Why should your brand employs such avant-garde techniques? To position itself as a forward-thinking and modern entity. This not only resonates with a tech-savvy audience. It also underlines your commitment to the latest in digital and creative advancements. Such associations enhance brand prestige. They differentiate you from competitors who rely on more traditional advertising methods.

  3. Enhanced Engagement and Interactivity: Projection mapping isn’t about passive viewing. Modern mapping tools allow for interactive experiences. Viewers can engage with the projections live, which brings opportunities for businesses. Now You can create immersive campaigns that foster deeper connections with the audience. This two-way interaction amplifies engagement rates, leading to higher brand recall.

  4. Versatility Across Events and Campaigns: Projection mapping can be adapted to a multitude of platforms. You can use it during corporate events to product launches. Also during trade shows and festivals. Regardless of the type of event, businesses can enhance their presence and reinforce their brand message.

  5. Reinforcing Brand Narratives: Every brand has a story, and projection mapping offers a unique medium to narrate it. Through dynamic visuals, animations, and effects, businesses can depict their journey. They can share their values, or visions in a manner that’s compelling and leaves a lasting impact. This visual storytelling fortifies brand identity. It also fosters a deeper emotional connection with the audience.

  6. Distinctive Advertising: Urban landscapes are cluttered with billboards and digital ads. Projection mapping offers a fresh avenue for brand promotion. By projecting advertisements onto buildings or other large structures, brands gain more visibility. They also showcase their willingness to break the mold, thus increasing their perceived value and status.


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MediaCraft.video delivers stunning projections

We have a hard earned reputation as masters in video projection mapping. MediaCraft.video transforms industrial landscapes and regular edifices into audiovisual spectacles. Our team’s proficiency has enabled us to project images onto challenging surfaces. We mapped onto everything: from irregularly shaped objects to vast skyscrapers.

MediaCraft.video - First Prize and The Biggest Project in The World - projected images on 40 Skyscrapers in Shenzhen, China in 2019

Highlighting our expertise, in 2019, MediaCraft.video achieved the remarkable feat. We have been projecting onto 40 skyscrapers in Shenzhen, China. This award-winning endeavor was recognized globally. It placed us at the pinnacle of projection technology mastery.

We are the First Prize Winners of the Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism and Architecture Shenzhen/Hong Kong in 2019. We know what it means to do something no one has ever done before.

We are one of finalists of the Worldwide Chongqing 3D projection mapping competition in 2023.

Since the founding of our company in 2010, our work had nationwide coverage in mainstream TV channels of Poland - the origin country of The Witcher AAA game producers.

We have shown our projections in Japan, Hong Kong, Mainland China, most countries of the European Union and Saudi Arabia.

Projection Mapping in Action

Want to see magic unfold before your eyes? See MediaCraft.video’s vast portfolio. Witness a plethora of visual effects. We produce animations that mimic the real environment and optical illusions that defy belief.

Where do you do video mapping? Everywhere!

Our services are not confined to one locale. We can project on the side of a building in bustling downtown areas and on serene landscapes. Our projection mapping team caters to diverse mapping needs. We bring art to life wherever demanded. 3D projection mapping is not just a technology. It’s an art form, melding creativity with cutting-edge technology. It creates the illusion that static objects are alive. As the industry leaders, MediaCraft.video remains at the forefront, pushing boundaries. We create unparalleled immersive experiences. 

The Craft Behind the Magic 3D projection mapping

It is both an art and science. It involves producing original 3D Animated videos. It is then combined with advanced video tools. Our team ensures every projection surface, be it 2D or 3D, is analyzed in 3D. We ensure that the final projection mimics its real environment. We create a seamless immersive experience. It is boosted with our spectacular 3D content.


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What kind of projector and video mapping software do you need?

To embark on a successful “projection mapping” journey, the equipment and software play a pivotal role. You can’t just use projection devices meant for PowerPoint presentations. Specialized video projectors are a necessity. These projectors need to be high-lumen. They ensure showing bright and crisp images onto any surface, from the side of a house to an irregular 3D shape. Depending on the scale of your projection mapping project, you may need multiple projectors. To cover a larger area or to add extra dimensions to your visuals - a 3D model of environment is used to plan the show.

The software is equally essential. It allows you to map the video footage onto the chosen surface. It takes into account the dimensions and contours of the object. Software solutions like MadMapper or Resolume can transform a two- or three-dimensional object with video. These tools let you adjust and calibrate the image onto the surface. It then aligns perfectly, adding an augmented reality feel to the environment.

Furthermore, a media server might be required. Especially for larger installations or live events. We use media servers for smooth playback and we can interact with a projector seamlessly. All this gives the artists and advertisers the freedom to create immersive experiences. They should be made without technical hindrances.

Lastly You need great 3D content. The more original - the better.


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How to learn video mapping?

Projection mapping might seem daunting at first. But with the right resources and perseverance, it’s accessible. Beginners should start with understanding projection mapping first. The basics of how projection mapping uses everyday video projectors. Also explore how these can be used to transform common objects into dazzling displays. Online tutorials, workshops by AV companies, and courses can offer insights into the projection technique and software nuances. Platforms like Udemy or Coursera often have courses tailored to mapping and 3D projection.

Practical experience is invaluable. Start with smaller projects, like projecting visuals onto a flat wall or a model house. Then gradually move to complex shapes - it will enhance Your skills. Join forums, participate in communities. Collaborate with experienced mappers to accelerate the learning curve.

What are examples of projection mapping?

The world of “projection mapping” is vast and varied. Some notable examples include:

Live Events: Concerts often use projection mapping to transform stages into dynamic backdrops. It enhances the audience’s experience.

Art Installations: Artists use projection mapping to breathe life into statues. They turn them from static sculptures to dynamic displays.

Advertising): Brands map their ads onto the surface of buildings or other structures. They turn them into gigantic billboards that tell interactive stories.

Theatrical Performances:) Traditional theater stages have been transformed using video mapping projection. They introduce a blend of 2D and 3D visuals to tell captivating stories.

Home Decor: Innovative homeowners use projection techniques to decorate their houses during festive seasons. They turn their residences into a spectacle for the neighborhood.

In essence, projection mapping is an art form that has revolutionized the way we perceive everyday objects. By projecting tailored video footage onto surfaces, we can transform the mundane into the magical. It can introduce new dimensions and experiences into our surroundings. Whether you’re an aspiring artist, a seasoned advertiser, or someone curious about this craft - it is for You. The world of projection mapping offers endless opportunities to explore and create.

Projection Mapping Central - a guide to projectors and projection mapping software

Venture into this comprehensive guide. It provides insights into the best projection mapping tools, software, and techniques. It will help You understand 2D mapping and to master the intricacies of projecting onto a 3D surface. This guide is your stepping stone to becoming a videomapping maestro.


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